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A picture is worth a thousand words...

When I put out a suggestion post on instagram for blog post ideas this one was by far the most interesting topic. 

It started with a suggestion of a glossary of hairdressing words so a client could understand and ask for the right thing when they next visited their hairdresser.

Initially I was sold, but the more I thought about this it seemed like a mammoth job to firstly list everything... and then who’s to say that what I call a beachy wave is the same as another hairdresser. My beachy wave might be their Hollywood curl? 

But, it led me to think a little further. How many times have you been to a hairdresser and walked out unsatisfied? I can guarantee you that 9 times out of 10 the reason can be due to a breakdown in communication. So, while a glossary of hairdressing terms may help a little, it's really about finding a hairdresser that nails the consultation process, and really delves deep to ensure you are on the same page.

That little (sometimes long) chat at the beginning of your visit is the MOST IMPORTANT part of your appointment. We call it the consultation, and at Profile we offer complimentary ones to anyone who wants to come in and have a chat about their hair!

If you’re asking for a rich chocolate brown and your hairdresser just agrees and goes to mix up the colour then you can bet your bottom dollar his/her idea of a rich chocolate brown is going to be different to your idea of it and you will walk out with a colour you don’t particularly like.

Aside from writing out a list of all of the terms a hairdresser uses I will give you one piece of advice to take to your appointment - PICTURES (queue the mighty Pinterest board). 

The only way to determine that MY chocolate brown equals YOUR chocolate brown is to find a picture of what YOU think chocolate brown is, then I can use my knowledge and wizard hairdressing skills to re-create that on your hair. SIMPLE RIGHT? Well, no, not always... it comes down to communication styles. 

You may not be someone who thinks to take a picture to the hairdresser - because you like to explain in words what you want, and if that's your communication style that fine, your stylist should however suggest finding a picture during your consultation so that you’re both on the same page. 

This little nifty tip of having a picture of your desired look on hand goes for everything - cuts, curling, styling, colour and even how you like your coffee to look - jokes! I think we all know what a cappuccino vs a long black should look like.  The next time you want a change, or if you’re seeing a new stylist for the first time try having a few pictures saved in your phone. If you cant find one you like - have pictures of what you don’t like/want, that helps to narrow things down a little!

And, if you don’t want to put that effort in before your appointment then know that a good stylist will always suggest finding a picture of what you expect before they start. Consultation is key to a seamless hairdressing experience. And, it saves you from having to memorise a glossary of hairdressing terms. Win win!

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