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Is This the Biggest Hair Trend of 2021?

We've been privy to the Health & Wellness trends circulating on instagram for a few years now but is 2021's biggest hair trend, health? There has been a slew of products hitting the market all based around the health of your hair. So how do we cut through the noise of clever marketing and which ones actually work?

*enter stage right - Profile's test subjects*

This year we (and some of our lovely guests) are going to road test what's on offer for your hair health, and of course then we will blog about it! Hairdressers, industry experts and everyday women bringing you the low down on the products we love and also the ones that might not be as beneficial as you think.

First up we are putting Kevin.Murphy Scalp.Spa to the test. When we received our newest Kevin.Murphy haul I straight up knew I was not the person to road test this product. So let me introduce you to my wonderful sister in-law Mel ...

Hi my name is Mel, and you may know me from such Profile Hair Design instagram posts as…

Or maybe even my (very) neglected Blog & Instagram, Loads of Lifestyle. I have been a Profile Hair Design customer for about 8 years and travel from Goondiwindi each and every time!! Yep, that’s about a 500km round trip to get my hair done, but it is definitely worth the time in the car and the early wake-ups.

Scalp Health is shaping up to be one of the biggest hair trends of 2021, so when KEVIN.MURPHY released their new SCALP.SPA range, I jumped the chance when Vanessa asked me to trial and review the range which includes the Scalp.Spa Scrub & the Scalp.Spa Wash.

But first let me give you a little background on my hair.. As you may guess from the above pictures, I have been on both ends of the colour chart, with some pink thrown in for good measure. My hair is naturally dark, very fine, but LOTS of it - just ask Vanessa how many bowls of bleach it takes for a full head of foils! It has several different curl/wave patterns, and I’m currently going through the awkward postpartum fallout/regrowth stage.

I’ll be honest, I am very lazy with my hair, I wash it roughly once a week, dry shampoo & messy buns are my best friends, I’ve been known to leave a Olaplex treatment in for a couple of days because I couldn’t be bothered to wash it out and I love a good air-dry. I recently switched back to the dark side, because new-mum-life and 6-8 weekly hair appointments don’t really mix all that well.

K.M says: SCALP.SPA, featuring micellar technology, gently attracts and dissolves impurities without stripping the skin of essential oils. Additionally, Celery Seed Extract removes dirt and impurities, and Perlite – a spherical shaped derivative from volcanic rock – gently exfoliates. After unclogging, toning and cleansing the scalp and strands, Co-Surfactants derived from sustainably harvested coconut oil work to maintain moisture and soothe – making SCALP.SPA the answer to either an oily or dry scalp.

Now these products certainly have a lot of hard work ahead of them when it comes to wash day at my house. Days of dry shampoo build up, my hairs lovely natural oils, maybe even some chlorine from days spent in the pool. If I have enough forethought, I might put an Olaplex No.3 treatment the day/morning before.

Once in the shower, I wet my hair, and squeeze out about a 50c piece size of Scalp.Spa Scrub. I focus on putting the scrub where I apply my dry shampoo - down my part all the way down to the nape of my neck, around my hairline, and in vertical lines about 1inch long and apart working from front to my crown. After I have distributed the product throughout my hair, I then use gentle circular motions to work the scrub into my scalp and roots.

Now comes the tricky part, rinsing it all out! As the scrub uses Perlite as the exfoliant, it doesn’t dissolve like other salt/sugar based scrubs. But be patient, it does come out - eventually. Once I have rinsed out most of the scrub, I follow up with the Scalp.Spa Wash, which is a beautiful gentle shampoo, it contains Rose Water to reduce scalp irritation and coconut oil to combat and prevent dryness. I lather the product in my hands first and then apply from root to tip and rinse out.

K.M recommend a second shampoo and then follow with your favourite conditioner or treatment. Personal faves of mine (and also available at Profile Hair Design) are the Olaplex No.4 & No.5 shampoo and conditioner. I find by the time I have completed a second shampoo and condition all of the perlite is finally gone.

After using the Scalp.Spa range for the last couple of months, I can honestly say that my scalp health has improved. I used to get dry flakey patches, even though my hair can be quite oily, the scrub and wash have helped with both of those issues. It hasn't helped me be any less lazy with my hair care routine, but I can say in-between washes my hair is healthier, less oily and that itchy flakey-ness is long gone!!

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Mildred D Brown
Mildred D Brown
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