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There's one product your need, all year round!

Just because it’s winter don’t forget your heat protector🧴

Hot air brushes are becoming SUPER popular with our clients and as they should 🙌🏻

Blowdrying your own hair with a hairdryer takes coordination and patience so luckily some clever person decided to invent a much easier way.

What is a hot air brush?

Put simply, if a hair dryer and a round bristle hairbrush had a love child it'd be a hot air brush.

They're designed to take the skill and coordination out of achieving a bouncy blow dry by streamlining the professional process into one quick, easy-to-use electrical tool.

The result? Smooth, swishy, salon-worthy hair you can do yourself at home.

HOWEVER… unlike the traditional way of blow drying your hair where your strands get a break from the heat amongst the actions, an air brush is pumping hot air onto your cuticle 100% of the time.

So to prevent colour fade, brassy blondes and crispy ends make sure you start the styling process with a heat protector on your locks 💁‍♀️

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