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You're Pretty Fine, Girl

Yes you absolutely are, but also… so is your hair.

I’ve suffered from the ‘your hair is so fine’ comment for most of my adult life (what happened to 6 year old me and that luscious head of hair?).  Unfortunately there is no miracle cure when it comes to fine hair. No magic pill that can add thickness and volume, like plenty of brands claim.

But, coming from a hairdresser and a fine haired lady myself, these are my top 5 tips for for getting more ‘volume’ into your tresses…

Not just any old Shampoo & Conditioner

I know, you’ve heard it all before, but I really couldn't recommend a good salon shampoo and conditioner more if I tried. Choose something with strength because generally speaking fine hair is more prone to damage, and I’ve often found too much ‘conditioning’ can cause the hair to feel heavy and limp. 

I also suggest changing it up after every bottle to something different - maybe a different brand, or if you LOVE it too much to change, try adding in one detox shampoo once a week to remove buildup.

It’s all about that Style-cut, Baby

Find the right hairdresser for you, someone who understands and enjoys cutting - it's an art! There are so many different haircuts that can make your hair ‘appear’ thicker depending on the length and your hairdresser should be able to talk you through these options and help you decide on a cut that is your perfect fit, whilst still achieving that desire for 'thickness'.

My personal favourite is the box bob (yes I’ve been sporting this one for years) or a blunt cut (no layering) which will create the look of fullness through the bottom. 

If it's volume on top you’re after then certain layering techniques can create this - have a chat to your hairdresser as there are many elements of a cut that cannot be unpacked in one little blog post!

Styling Products

It's definitely not a one-size-fits-all situation, hence why there are so many styling products on the market today. A couple of my personal favourites that work well though are …

Kevin Murphy Powder Puff - tap this product into the roots and use your finger tips in circular motions to create root volume. I personally love that you can repeat the fingertip circles during the day as your hair flattens and it pops right back up again without the need to add extra product - perfect for those mirror checks post bathroom break.

Kevin Murphy Anti Gravity Spray - a spray is perfect because it's light weight.  Pop this one in before you blow-dry as it contains lavender and when you add heat it has a swelling effect on the hair strand, as well as a slight hold (you can use too much of this so a few spritz per section should do it).

Kevin Murphy Doo.Over - OH the holy grail of hair products! Imagine if someone put a light hairspray, a volume powder and dry shampoo into a can? Sounds like volume in a can right? Well they did! Kevin Murphy has an array of hybrid products (touchable & bedroom hair are hybrids and also awesome for fine hair!) that are amazing for fine hair and volume! I think it's just a matter of trying them all out until you find the perfect fit for you!


Don't roll your eyes! I’m not talking about length.  A couple of expertly placed extensions cut TO YOUR LENGTH will add volume and bulk to your hair! (not for short hair ladies sorry) … If you rock a mid bob or longer, then a partial or half head set of extensions might just be what you’ve been looking for!

And finally... don’t compare

Although it would be lovely to have the seemingly thick locks of the babes we see on Instagram (don't forget they could have taken up the extension trick!) alas there is no magic pill for making fine hair thick.

Confidence with your hair comes from accepting what it can and cannot do and working with your hairdresser to find the right style and products to support the look you wish to achieve. A consultation with your hairdresser can make all the difference in understanding your hair and working towards a goal that is achievable!  

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