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Our Services

Senior Artist $70
Master Artist $75
Creative Director $80

ANY COLOURING SERVICE THAT REQUIRES BLEACH IS NOW INCLUSIVE OF A PLEX – a ‘plex’ is insurance for your hair to protect against breakage. 


Short from $ 90
Medium From $ 100
Long From $ 110


From $75


From $30


Prices quoted by consultation


Senior Artist from $85
Master Artist from $95
Creative Director from $105


Senior Artist from $110
Master Artist from $120
Creative Director from $130


Senior Artist from $130
Master Artist  from $140
Creative Director from $150


Senior Artist from $155
Master Artist from $165
Creative Director from $175


Prices quoted by consultation


Short from $50
Medium from $60
Long from $70


From $95

Our signature PROFILE EXPERIENCE is like a facial for your hair. All are completed with a signature PROFILE massage and a warm towel wrap infused with lavender oil. Full Treatment service takes 10 minutes.


Hair concerns such as moisture, strengthening, densifying or Brightening for Blondes are addressed with the Kevin.Murphy Treat.Me signature treatments.



Primary and secondary hair concerns such as smoothen, hydrate, repair, volume and colour lock are both addressed using the system professional energy coding system.


OLAPLEX  Basin Treatment $28.00  In-Colour is included in all prices above

Olaplex can be used in your colour services or as a stand-alone treatement, with its single active ingredient repairing the hair from within. The result is stronger and healthier hair with longer lasting colour and more vibrancy.



A tailor made toner and treatment in one.  FABULOSO allows you to refresh or renew the tone of your hair whilst leaving it feeling soft and shiny.


At Profile we only use the highest quality tape hair extensions from Amazing Hair Australia.  We utilise extensions to create, length, volume, colour effects and specific styles.

Use the Book Now button at the top of the page to book your complimentary consultation.  At your consultation we specifically colour match your hair and book your application appointment for 4 working days time.  A 50% deposit is required when booking your application appointment.

All extension prices include a specifically tailored application designed to suit your face shape, desired final look and your lifestyle.  After application we ask that you do not wash your hair for 48 hours to allow the bonds to adhere correctly, that is why we include a pre-application shampoo, condition, scalp massage and blowdry. Also included is a cut/blending of the extensions and post application styling.   To keep your extensions looking amazing and so that you get as long as possible out of them we only guarantee the extensions if you’re using the products recommended by our extension gurus.

Full Head ( 40 pieces) $680

Half Head ( 20 pieces) $480

Partial ( 10 pieces) $200

As your extensions grow out we recommended a removal and reapplication somewhere between 6 and 10 weeks post application.  As everyone’s hair grows at different rates we allow you to be the judge of your reapplication timing.  When booking in for removal and reapplication of your extensions please be aware that this is a 2 day process. Included in your reapplication is a shampoo, blow dry, cut/blending of the extensions and post application styling.

Removal & Reapplication $300

A bit over it or decided they just aren’t for you?

We always recommend having your extensions removed professionally as to minimise damage to you hair.

Removal Only $80.00

Our Story

Toowoomba Hairdressers & Salon

At Profile we believe that everyone deserves to feel beautiful and that everyone deserves to be spoilt. We educate and empower our guests by creating colours and styles that suit their personal lifestyles.  The team at Profile is lead by Vanessa who has been a hairdresser for over 16 years and has owned Profile for the last 8 years.  The vision to create a salon that delivers each client an ‘experience’ rather than just a service is what drives Vanessa and the team at Profile.

Vanessa has gathered a team of hair experts each with their own area of specialty but all with the same purpose.  To create beautiful hair that inspires confidence not only in how a woman looks but confidence in recreating the look themselves at home.

We know clients have a choice when it comes to a hairdresser and we truly appreciate when clients choose to spend their time and money with Profile.  We ensure your visit is a time to escape with espresso coffee, loose leaf tea, treats, glossy magazines, an indulgent basin experience, an ambient and relaxing atmosphere and an Instagram worthy finish EVERY CLIENT, EVERY TIME

We are open 6 days a week and look forward to meeting you.

Vanessa & The Profile Team x

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Meet Our Stylists

  • Vanessa

    Creative Director

    As the Owner and Creative Director of Profile, one of the leading salon's in Toowoomba, Vanessa's vision is to create a salon that delivers each client an experience. With her years of experience in the industry she is known for her seamless blondes ...

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  • Rebecca

    Managing Director

    With 20+ years experience, if you're wanting to choose a stylist that you can completely relax with Bec is the woman for the job.  Maybe you've had a hair disaster before and lost your confidence with hairdressers or maybe you just need that extra bit of ...

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  • Ami

    Senior Artist

    Ami has been honing her skills within the industry for 9+ years.  She is known in Toowoomba as the 'Blonde Queen' due to her attentions to details when it comes to foiling, toning & everything in between. Ami loves picking the perfect ...

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  • Katie

    Emerging Artist

    All round nice gal and relaxing head massage extraordinaire, Katie is the wheel that keeps the salon turning.  A genius in her own right - we simply couldn't do the amazing hair we do without her. Katie is Ella Bache qualified in all of her facial ...

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